Medication Management Services


Our nurse practitioners, Asha Pollem, PMH-NP, CNP and Melody Bajin, PMH-NP, CNP provide psychiatric evaluations, ongoing medications management. They are board-certified family nurse practitioners. They work collaboratively with the individual and, to the extent desired or needed, with other healthcare providers, family, and support community. We believe in the uniqueness of each person we serve. Our focus is on a holistic approach through the assessment and understanding of environmental, physical, behavioral, emotional, spiritual, and developmental influences. We value the importance of evidenced-informed treatment as well as the value of complementary and alternative forms of healing.

What to Expect From Medication Management Services

At Talking Circles Therapy & Wellness, LLC we recognize psychiatric medication can play a valuable, helpful role in the lives of many of our clients. Medication management services start with a psychiatric evaluation and based on your diagnosis, your provider may prescribe medication, if appropriate and desired. If you already have a diagnosis and are taking medications, your provider will spend time talking with you about your mental health history, concerns, current medications, how it’s working for you, and what effects the medication(s) is having in your daily life.

We value a holistic approach to treatment at Talking Circles Therapy & Wellness, LLC, as mentioned above so recommendations for services, such as, individual or group counseling, may also be included in your treatment plan. All of this can be done in close consultation with your therapist or other providers, creating a well-rounded treatment plan.

Your provider will work with you to ensure that the medication has the desired effect, adjusting the dosage or prescription if necessary.

We provide medication management services for a variety of mental health conditions, including (but not limited to):

How Medication Management Benefits Patients

Your individual well-being is at the center of your mental health treatment. Making sure your medications are working for you is a top priority in your overall treatment plan. Comprehensive medication management offers a variety of other benefits, such as:

Personalization – Your medication plan will be unique to you and your mental health needs, and your provider will offer timely individual support.

Ongoing Assessment – When you start your medication plan, ongoing evaluations will make sure that the prescribed medication are effectively managing your symptoms.

Side Effect Management – Medications can come with side effects. Fortunately, your provider will inform you of potential side effects, address your concerns and make adjustments as needed.


Overall, your provider will ensure that the medication is reducing your symptoms delivering a positive outcome. This leads to increased mental health, improved daily functioning  where you can begin to find enjoyment and satisfaction in your life.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in learning more about Talking Circles Therapy & Wellness’ approach to medication management contact us today.

We can answer your questions and address concerns about medication management services, as well as other mental health treatment options before you make an appointment. We want every patient to feel fully informed and confident before opting into services.

From this initial appointment to your last day of treatment, you can expect full privacy, dignity and support. We look forward to supporting you on your path to healing.

Medication Management Rates

Sliding scale/discounted rates (if needed and approved) are as follows:


Initial Session


Follow- Up Visits


We currently accept the following insurances for medication management:

BCBS (commercial and medicaid plans)

Presbyterian (commercial and medicaid plans)

Western Sky (centennial/medicaid plan)





Asha Pollem, PMH-NP, CNP

I have been practicing as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for over a decade, and spent 15 years as a psychiatric RN before that. I use therapeutic techniques in combination with medication prescribing to help you achieve your goals. I believe mindfulness, grounding and a strengths centered approach can help us to work through the hard stuff together to find a space of new healing and wisdom.

Melody Bajin, LCSW, PMHNP

Hello, my name is Melody Bajin, LCSW, PMHNP, CNP. I am a board certified Nurse Practitioner and independently licensed social worker. I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years in both, inpatient and outpatient settings. I prescribe psychiatric medications for a variety of issues. I take an integrated approach in medication management.

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