Steven Kauffmann, LMSW


Welcome to a place where we can help you on the path to your best life. I love people and understand the path to healing and a better life can mean taking a series of difficult steps or it might just mean finding the confidence and courage to take that first step. If you’re here, you’re already considering a courageous step. I’m here to help with the rest, find and apply the right tools, walk with you, and support you along your path to healing and a better life.

I have years of experience working with people from all backgrounds and cultures in support of individual growth and personal goals. After experiencing the strength of healing through my own personal journeys with loss, anxiety, and injury, I undertook the formal education to be able to help others. I now hold Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

I truly believe in the importance of the whole person in pursuit of your best self. Fears, passions, trauma, lifestyle, food, music, connections with family and the world are part of us from our past, our present, and the future we envision. All of these are part of who we are and help mold what we can achieve. My approach is to help you see all of you, help you find your strengths, and support you as you use those strengths to heal and step forward to live your best life.

The passions that keep me mentally and physically healthy are music, snowboarding, offshore sailing, hiking, camping and literally anything that sustains my peace with and connection to mother nature. My strength and humility regenerate every time I witness her grand power from raising the tallest of mountains and moving oceans to seeing her most gentle creatures and beautiful butterflies offering sustainability and enjoyment. I look forward to working with you and working towards building a better life!

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