Emma Krueger, LMHC

Emma Krueger


Hello there, I want to acknowledge your courage in making the choice to seek support, wherever you are along your healing journey. Each of us face all kinds of profound experiences in life that shape the way we see and interact with our worlds. But does it feel like its becoming an energetic drain for your mind, body, and spirit? Does going about each day feel ridden with anxiety, grief, or depression? Have unwelcome memories of the past or insecurities and fears about the future taken peace out of your life? Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and questions like these don’t need to be addressed alone.

Taking the next steps to shed what doesn’t serve you and move forward into a fulfilling version of life at any stage is attainable. “You were born to heal, to grow, to be of service to yourself and your community, to practice, to experiment, to create, to have space to dream and connect.” Tricia Hersey – Rest is Resistance. Creating space for compassionate self-exploration to initiate change and process the intensity of life, is what therapy can provide. I will be there to mindfully encourage reacquainting yourself with your unique strengths, passions, and authentic goals. Through this personal growth work, laughter, embodiment, levity, acceptance, and more can be invited back into your daily life.

It can be difficult to hold space for the light and the dark in life, but I offer to integrate the use of art, somatic theory, mindfulness, CBT, among other perspectives and tools, as pathways to healing in the therapeutic process. I graduated from Southwestern College with a masters degree in Art Therapy and Counseling, and my passion for witnessing others stories has been lifelong. I work with adults of all ages and have experience specifically; holistically moving through grief and loss, coping with anxiety and depression, processing past trauma, and handling adjusting to life’s changes.

I believe taking the steps to deeply knowing oneself through therapy fosters personal empowerment and intentional decision-making to recognize and realize your ideal state of mind, body, and spirit at any age. I don’t take that work lightly, so I am honored and committed to embark on your healing and wellness journey together.

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