Couples Counseling in Albuquerque, NM

couples counseling

As humans, we are made to connect. Relationships can be sustaining and fulfilling, but they can also be difficult.

If you and your partner are experiencing relationship difficulties, working with the Talking Circles Therapy & Wellness team for couples counseling in Albuquerque, NM can make a real difference. We help couples learn to better understand and communicate with each other, develop and maintain fulfilling partnerships, and create nurturing, healthy intimacy bonds.

Why Should We Consider Couples Therapy?

Do you remember how happy and close you felt at the start of your relationship? What many people refer to as the “honeymoon” phase we call the “romantic love” stage in relationship therapy. For many, this early part of the relationship feels like a distant memory, and you just don’t know how to get back to that time when things were “easier.” The truth is, you were in the initial romantic/attraction stage where falling in love was easy and thinking your partner was perfect is normal. However, this is not a permanent stage. The next stages in relationships require work, and if healthy interactions are not set up from the beginning, finding a way out can be difficult without the help of a professional.

Romantic love is wonderful, but there is so much more to experience together when we work to move beyond this initial stage into deeper, more sustaining stages of love. During couples therapy, we can work together to improve communication, learning how to truly listen and be listened to resulting in deeper connection, and commitment.


If you’re feeling trapped in a constant cycle of bickering or fights that never seem to resolve, let’s schedule a session for couples therapy and start improving in the areas of needed growth in your relationship. Some of the reasons people visit Talking Circles Therapy & Wellness for couples counseling in Albuquerque include:

What Happens During Couples Counseling?

Like individual counseling, our couples therapy sessions will feel like talking with an objective third party about your concerns and struggles. When both partners approach these sessions from a place of hope with a genuine desire for relationship restoration, growth, and/or development, couples counseling can really help you create a more fulfilling partnership. If you’re dealing with one or more specific relationship concerns, we’ll formulate a plan on what needs to be addressed first. If you simply want to use your sessions as an opportunity to discuss issues that arose since the last meeting, we can do that too.

Oftentimes, therapy with couples can look just like this, and it is our commitment to meet your needs. Couples counseling gives partners the opportunity to sit down in a safe space to ask and answer the simple question, “How are we doing this week?”

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