Denise Gallegos, LCSW

As a native New Mexican, I came up understanding the importance of culture in how we view the world, in how we process our trauma and pain, and how we return to joy. My own lifetime health challenges, and experience working in medical settings, have allowed me a window into the difficulties faced by those of you who awaken to daily pain, physical discomfort, and feelings of loss over who you used to be. Finding ourselves, even when we feel so changed by violence, injury, stress, or disease, can provide a new path forward. Life, though not the same as before, can be good again. My strongest belief, and experience in doing therapy, is the shadow will pass and together we can find your light again. It is my honor and privilege to create the environment where you are empowered to heal.

I began my career in social services over 30 years ago. I have worked with survivors of violence including sexual assault, assault, domestic violence, and homicide in the roles of advocacy, crisis support, and group counseling.