Steven Kauffmann, LMSW

Steve Kauffmann

Specialties Adults Grief and Loss Depression Anxiety Trauma Welcome to a place where we can help you on the path to your best life. I love people and understand the path to healing and a better life can mean taking a series of difficult steps or it might just mean finding the confidence and courage […]

Clarice Gregory, LCSW


Hi, my name is Clarice, I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with experience in a wide range of social work practice and therapy. I have been practicing as an LMSW since 2018. I provide individual counseling for adolescents, adults of all ages, and have experience working with substance use/addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety and grief and loss.

I have a deep passion for helping individuals improve their emotional well-being and overcome challenges related to mental health. I incorporate evidence-based techniques such as CBT, solution-focused therapy, a strength-based framework, and always work from a trauma-informed approach.

Honor Heindl, LCSW


My life mantra is to use words, art, and movement to build bridges, tear down walls, tend to wounds, empower individuals, and eradicate loneliness and shame. My clinical career has ranged from working in refugee resettlement, schools, and nonprofit mental health agencies to responding to 911 behavioral-health calls alongside law enforcement as part of the Mobile Crisis Team and conducting assessments in emergency departments. I am an EMDR-trained therapist and specialize in trauma recovery and reconciliation. There is no single intervention that works for everyone, so I pull from different theoretical frameworks and evidence-based modalities to help you heal and build your own self-care toolbox.

My hope for you is that you find spaces where every part of you is welcome. Therapy can be a safe, nonjudgmental place to explore what is preventing you from finding wholeness. In my experience, so much of our suffering stems from disconnection. I want to help you find freedom from whatever is keeping you captive, whether it’s self-doubt, trauma, suicide, shame, internalized oppression, anxiety, depression, isolation, interpersonal conflict, grief/loss, or something else.

Odilia Mendez, LPCC (habla Español)

You may be wondering what therapy is like, and if you’ve never been to therapy it may feel foreign, but it is really an experience in personal growth. Everyone has challenges, but therapy can help you get beyond life issues that are draining your energy. If you have gone to therapy, you know that a good therapist joins you in that journey and provides the support needed to make life choices manageable and change negative patterns causing dissatisfaction in your life.

My approach to helping is to validate your strengths and maximize your ability to positively cope through life challenges. I work with individuals, couples, families and children, and provide the support needed to create healing. I use whatever tools are acceptable to my clients so they feel a part of the healing process.

Debra Vega-Cowen, LPCC

Hello and welcome. My name is Debra, I am a licensed professional counselor in the State of New Mexico. I have worked with individuals, couples and families seeking counseling for over 15 years, both online and in my private practice. I enjoy helping individuals achieve what they want in life. Whether it is to have a better relationship/marriage, learn how to deal with depression, have less anxiety or parenting struggles, I can help. I love helping people to be the best versions of themselves and giving them the tools to help with varying hurdles in their life. Life can be extremely tough sometimes, and seeking counseling is a valiant first step. We all go through peaks and valleys, but it’s so much better to go through those valleys when you have the right tools in which to deal with the hard times. I hope to be able to help you with your journey.

Michele DiCubellis, LCSW

Michele DiCubellis

Hello. Welcome to exploring new possibilities. Do you wake up worrying about the same things every day and wonder “Why do I feel this way?” Have you tried to make changes in your life, only to find you fall back into repeating old patterns? Do you isolate, feel shame, lonely, and disconnected from people, places and things that used to be pleasurable? Do you feel confused and have a hard time making decisions? Maybe you feel lost or physically and mentally exhausted?

We all experience a myriad of challenges throughout life. Let me help you identify your strengths and resilience despite the adversity you are experiencing. Learning to master thoughts and emotions helps us feel strong and empowered in body and mind.

Michele Donovan, LCSW

Just by showing up and reading this, you are brave! Looking for help isn’t always easy, but if any of the following resonates with you, I believe I can help! Do you find yourself feeling stuck in negative repetitive patterns? Overwhelmed and confused? Experiencing anxiety and/or depression and wanting more out of life but not sure how to get there. I know life can feel like an uphill battle at times, but you don’t have to figure it out alone. I can support you through the challenging and confusing parts of your journey and share in the celebration of your successes in personal growth along the way.