Heidi Metcalf, LPCC

I am honored to work with women who want to re-connect with what matters most to them in life, love, and purpose.

In my sessions with women and girls, we create space for presence, and feel into what is alive for you right now with compassion. This brings courage and deep awareness powerful enough to melt through emotional pain and suffering.

The delightful discovery of the awakening woman is that her own feminine energy, although greatly undervalued in this culture, is her greatest resource for healing and realizing the depth of herself. In today’s world of distractions, it is difficult to clear a quiet space to allow deeper connection with our intuitive sense. It can even seem like, unless we are pushing ahead every moment, we are falling behind on some level. Not surprisingly, riding this perpetual edge leads to burn out and misalignment.

Erika Martinez-Gonzales, LPCC

Is trauma informing you? Are you making choices in your life that you know are just not good for you? Do you want to change old negative patterns in your life or deal with ongoing anxiety or depression that feels like it is taking over your life? Is your relationship struggling? Change is possible. Working together we will identify patterns of behavior that are causing distress in your life and create a path forward where you will develop an understanding of yourself and how you got here, self-compassion for what you have gone through and healing so you can let go and confidently move forward knowing you now have the skills to take care of yourself.