Kimberly Eagle, LPCC

You are here, reading this, because of your courage. Recognizing it’s time to make changes is the first, most important step, and I commend you. Despite what social media would have us believe, no one’s life is perfect. We all face challenges that keep us from living our most authentic lives. Therapy is a sacred space where fears and pain are seen with compassion and without judgment. It is an opportunity to explore the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back and to connect with your strengths in order to create your best life. To be your true self.

Even if we have close friends and supportive families it’s often hard to be really honest about our struggles, be they; depression, anxiety, relationship problems, past or present trauma or substance use that has become out of control. I have experience with all of these issues and more. My aim is to create a safe comfortable space where you can be real and explore your patterns at your own pace.

Chris Carpenter, LPCC

I am passionate about seeing my clients meet their goals and discover a sense of positive self-esteem and confidence. I believe everyone should have the skills to meet future endeavors they want and deserve, however I also know past issues can sometimes be barrier to this. I have been in the counseling field for over 13 years, working both in agency and private practice. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents from ages 3 to 18 years old, and dealing in areas of anxieties, depression, suicide, anger management, gender identities, and the list goes on. I also have a great deal of experience in working with adolescents, adults and their family who are dealing with addictions and substances use. I have worked with all ages in areas of trauma and PTSD symptoms as well as those with Bipolar and Borderline Personalities. I tailor treatment to meet each client’s needs rather than a one-size fit all approach.

Heidi Metcalf, LPCC

I am honored to work with women who want to re-connect with what matters most to them in life, love, and purpose.

In my sessions with women and girls, we create space for presence, and feel into what is alive for you right now with compassion. This brings courage and deep awareness powerful enough to melt through emotional pain and suffering.

The delightful discovery of the awakening woman is that her own feminine energy, although greatly undervalued in this culture, is her greatest resource for healing and realizing the depth of herself. In today’s world of distractions, it is difficult to clear a quiet space to allow deeper connection with our intuitive sense. It can even seem like, unless we are pushing ahead every moment, we are falling behind on some level. Not surprisingly, riding this perpetual edge leads to burn out and misalignment.