4 Signs of Low Self-Esteem and Therapist-Approved Tips to Improve Confidence

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Millions of Americans across the country struggle with low self-esteem. Maybe one of them is you.

Do you constantly tell yourself that you are not good enough? Do you compare yourself to others to see what you should be doing differently? Are you down on yourself some or most of the time?

If that sounds like you, then you may be one of the millions of Americans is you. But that’s okay! There are ways to improve your confidence and boost your self-esteem so you no longer have to feel this way.

Read on to learn more about the signs of low self-esteem and how to change that around this year!

Signs of Low Self Esteem

Self-esteem refers to how much value you place on yourself, your identity, and your sense of belonging. Since self-esteem affects all aspects of your life, having low self-esteem can impact your day-to-day. So what are the signs of low self-esteem?

1. Negative Social Comparison

There are types of comparison that can help you figure out your sense of self, like upward social comparison. This means you look at others who inspire you and motivate you. However, doing it in a negative way is not going to benefit you.

A huge sign of low self-esteem is comparing yourself to others in a negative way. If you’re doing this, you will be left feeling less than or have a sense of hopelessness about who you are.

Nowadays, this negative social comparison often comes about because of social media. If that sounds like you, it may be time to put down the phone and try something else with your time.

2. Worry & Self-Doubt

Other signs of low confidence and self-esteem would be constant worry or doubting yourself.

This could be anything from doubting a huge life decision or something as small as deciding how to organize your day. Because of this constant doubting of yourself, it can be difficult to make decisions, which in turn impedes your ability to do things in your life.

3. People Pleaser

We’re sure you’ve heard the word “people-pleaser” before. This means you are someone who wants to please others and make them happy. To some extent, that’s a great quality to have.

But it becomes dangerous when it starts to affect your self-value and your everyday life. For instance, if you do things to constantly please others, you may be hurting yourself by neglecting what you truly care about or want to do. You may also feel guilty about saying no when others ask you to do something, which is why you end up doing it.

4. Poor Outlook For the Future

If you struggle with low self-esteem, your outlook on life and the future tends to be bleak. You cannot see it getting any better than where it is right now. And because of that view, people with low self-esteem will not participate or engage in activities that could bring about positive changes.

This is because of mindset, but could also be a form of self-sabotage. People with low self-esteem may find obstacles to get in the way of their future success and blame others for where they are.

How to Improve Low Self Esteem and Build Confidence

The good news is that if you suffer from low self-esteem, there are many tips to follow to help you build confidence in yourself. Here are a few.

Focus on the Positive and Hopeful Thoughts

With low self-esteem, it’s easy to focus on the negativity that is around you or in your mind. But to build your self-esteem and confidence, you have to focus on the positives.

To do this, think about what you are good at or enjoy. And when you do that, feel good about being good at these things! You can also think about tough times in your past and how far you have come from them, which shows you have the ability to overcome obstacles and get through difficult times.

Talk to Someone

Talking to a professional is helpful when you struggle with low self-esteem. Talking to someone about what you struggle with, your thoughts, and how you feel can give you other insight into coping mechanisms or how to change your mindset.

Value Yourself

While this is easier said than done, there are different ways that you can learn to value who you are and what you have to offer. Here are a few:

  • Appreciate and think about your talents
  • Go out and do something that makes you feel good
  • Exercise more to improve your mood, which will help you value yourself more
  • Take time to challenge a negative thought
  • Spend time with others who make you feel good about yourself

Engaging in these activities will help you value yourself and build your self-esteem.

Recognize Your Low Self Esteem and Build Your Confidence

The first step is always to recognize that you suffer from low self-esteem. Since you now know the signs of low self-esteem, you are able to recognize it and learn how to improve low self-esteem.

Following the tips we’ve laid out above can help you build your confidence and your overall well-being and day-to-day life.

If you feel as though you are ready to take the next step, you can contact us about talking to someone! We’ll be able to direct you to the right services to help you overcome your challenges and boost your self-esteem in no time.

The decision starts with you.

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