7 Best Exercises for Anxiety and Depression

Are you looking for exercises to help reduce anxiety and depression in your life?

Anxiety and depression are the most prevalent mental disorders in the United States. There are more than 40 million adults in the country that currently suffer from these medical conditions.

Despite the prevalence of these illnesses, exercise can be an effective way to help you cope with them and reduce their negative impact on your life.

Read on to learn the seven best exercises for anxiety and depression!

1. Running

Running is a great way to clear your mind while reducing stress. These two attributes can help you reduce anxiety and depression.

While more than 550,000 people run in marathons each year, you don’t have to run that far to receive the positive benefits of this form of exercise. Running is a great way for you to break away from your daily routine while you focus on yourself.

Sometimes the day-to-day worries of life can create extra stress. These stressors can increase someone’s anxiety level and cause depression. When you run for at least 30 minutes, this forces you to do something else besides focusing on what’s stressing you out.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that’s become a popular way for people to combine working out with controlled breathing.

A yoga routine combines meditation with core exercises to help you improve your mental and physical health. Another unique aspect of yoga is that you can choose to do it on your own or in a group setting.

Doing yoga with other people can help hold you accountable to your exercise program. It can also surround you with other like-minded people who may be suffering from some of the same symptoms of anxiety and depression that you feel.

This can help you establish a valuable network of support to help you through your good and bad days.

3. Hiking

Hiking in the woods is a great way to break free from the daily grind while becoming one with nature.

Being in the woods helps to separate you from the hustle and bustle of your life and puts you in a calm and serene setting. Depending on where you live, hiking can be a challenge because of elevation gain and other weather elements.

The peace and quiet of the woods can create the perfect setting for you to unwind and enjoy nature while you exercise. Like other forms of exercise, hiking increases blood flow to your brain and muscles which can emit endorphins to help you feel good!

4. Weightlifting

Weightlifting helps you improve your mental health while also maintaining your body’s physical appearance.

Sometimes depression can be caused by unwanted weight gain through the natural aging process or by a traumatic event in your life. Lifting weights will give you a physical challenge while also helping you release anger or other aggression below the surface.

This can be especially helpful after a long and stressful day at home or in the office.

5. Take Long Walks

A long walk is a great way to clear your mind while improving your physical health.

Walking 10,000 steps each day is approximately five miles and is a great goal to set for yourself each day. Sometimes, people may find excuses for why they don’t reach their walking goals each day. These often include being “too busy” with work, school, or family.

Don’t sacrifice your mental well-being by making excuses for yourself. Dedicate yourself to taking long walks so that you achieve your step-count goal each day. While 10,000 is a great milestone to reach, you may need to start off a bit lower when you first begin your walks.

While taking these walks, force yourself to think about other things besides what is causing you anxiety or making you feel depressed. By using this time to focus on other things, it can be a saving grace!

6. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and something that can be one of your best weapons against depression and anxiety symptoms. It’s also a great exercise for you to perform during the summer months in warm-weather climates where the heat can be dangerous.

Swimming forces you to breathe deeper while also using all kinds of muscles—both small and large—that you may not use on a regular basis outside of the water. It’s also a form of exercise that will help you maintain good flexibility while also not damaging your bones and joints.

Unlike running, which can take its toll on your knees and ankles because you are on a hard surface, the water in a pool creates resistance while also moving with your muscles.

Your pool exercises can be the key to combating your anxiety and depression while also improve your aerobic health!

7. Dancing

Dancing may not be the first exercise that comes to mind when thinking of ways to fight depression and anxiety, but you can’t afford to overlook its health benefits.

There are many different forms of dance, and some of the faster-paced dances can be a great physical workout. Besides being an aerobic exercise, dancing is also a lot of fun. You can do it with a partner or in a group setting while also enjoying some of your favorite songs.

You can also challenge yourself to learn new dance styles and reward yourself for pulling off new moves. These rewards can help you gain the confidence you need to overcome the worst anxiety and depression symptoms.

Wrapping Up: Learn to Handle Your Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can cause mental and physical symptoms that can cripple the actions you take in your daily life. You may find that you aren’t having joy in normal activities or that you feel disconnected from other people that surround you.

It’s important to remember that there are millions of other people in the world suffering from this same condition. Exercise is one way for you to improve your mental health while also maintaining your physical condition and well-being.

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